Those of you who’ve been following the news have probably heard about the recent Mount Agung eruption here in Bali, so we thought we’d take a moment to deliver some of the facts. Yes, there’s been an eruption, and yes, people have been evacuated in the area surrounding Mount Agung. That said, Bali is a pretty big island—much larger than many people may realize, hovering at around 5,780 square kilometers. The majority of the island is far outside of the exclusion zone, and Kembali Recovery Center itself is roughly 50 kilometers away—also well outside the exclusion zone if, indeed, there’s even a second eruption.

One of the primary things we’d like everyone to be aware of is that most of the media outlets are sensationalizing the event. Because, of course, that’s what the media does—sensationalize. So while we won’t be taking our clients on any Mt. Agung treks in the foreseeable future, Bali is still as safe and as beautiful as ever, and there are plenty of other incredible spots that we’ll go explore. Agung itself is pretty quiet right now, but when there is an occasional smoke plume, it’s quite spectacular to witness from afar.

Our next intake is coming up, and we encourage anyone considering our four week program to sign up. We can also assist with flight arrangements if necessary. Please be mindful of airline or flight changes in the event of a second eruption, and double check with your airline to make sure flight insurance covers you (it should) if a change does take place. Contact us today with any of your questions or concerns.

Kembali Rehab Recovery Center is here to help.

If you’re interested in ways that you can help any of the evacuees, please check out Kopernik and East Bali Poverty Project.




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