We recently posted on ways to stay connected in recovery during a global pandemic, but what about just general activities to stay sane? Let’s face it, the current state of affairs across the globe is not only a drag, but it’s also depressing, stressful, lonely, and, more than anything, it’s uncertain. Quite a few of us have lost jobs, experienced death around us, and we don’t have access to so many of our typical stress-relieving outlets. These include in-person recovery meetings (which we already touched on in another post), things like surfing (if there are beach closures in your area), going to the gym, taking unrestricted walks, and the list goes on. In the midst of what all feels very ominous and tragic, we’ve simultaneously had many of our freedoms stripped away. 

Not to be glum or morose, but since we know how precious our recovery is, it’s important to address the reality of what’s happening. Whether we view it from the point of view that the glass is half empty or half full, there’s really no right or wrong to process it. We’re all having our own experience and that’s okay, but we’d love to talk about how we can fill this time with healthy activities. You know, so that we don’t risk turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Here are a handful of suggestions: 

  1. Go easy on yourself. First and foremost, don’t sweat it if you haven’t written the next great International novel, or started a booming new business, or picked up ten new skills or hobbies. Our social media feeds are overloaded with motivational quotes and articles right now about how we need to be maximizing this quarantine time to make significant life changes. And while this isn’t bad advice, it can also leave us feeling unaccomplished and crappy if we just want to chill out. So…chill out if you must, and please don’t beat yourself up for it. Do, however, stay connected if you’re planning on spending this quarantine time napping and meditating (which is perfectly okay!). And, for those of you who are feeling ambitious, carry on with this list. 
  2. Take online courses. There are so many great options for learning new skills online, and a lot of these online courses, like Mindvalley, happen to be free. You can also find great online courses through MasterClass and Udemy and while these aren’t free, they’re still reasonably priced and offer some great classes. Do an online search and find some that resonate with you. Now is a great time to learn if you have the willingness and motivation to do it, so why not take advantage before your busy life gets in the way again?
  3. Exercise. Okay, so we know there are limited exercise options for many of the people reading this, but even if you only have an hour window where you’re allowed to go outside, use that hour to go for a jog, a walk, or a bike ride. If you can’t get outside for some reason or if weather doesn’t permit, try an online yoga class or HIIT workout. There are plenty of freebies on Youtube. There are also sites like Glo that have great membership packages with thousands of awesome yoga, pilates, and meditation courses with some of the most innovative instructors in the fitness industry.  
  4. Get off social media and read a book. In this day and age, our attention spans have dwindled due to the accessibility of quickly digestible information at our fingertips, thanks to social media. Fewer and fewer of us are actually sitting down these days to read books because it’s so much easier to swallow information online quickly while on-the-go, or listening to audiobooks while stuck in traffic. While these modern conveniences are nice, how great is it that we have all of this time on our hands now to pick up actual books and read them? If your summer reading list is a mile long already, why not get started now? Curl up with a good book and soak up the quiet time. 
  5. Netflix. And chill. Such a great little slogan, isn’t it? Particularly when it’s not coming at you as a request from your Tinder date. Well, this depends on who you ask, but we digress. What other times in history have we been (or will we ever be) forced to stay home and watch movies all day? Guilt-free? Now is the time, so take advantage and own it! Couch potatoes unite!
  6. Stay connected to your fellows in recovery. Finally, and this again is in line with an earlier post – stay connected. Hit online meetings (if you’re in a recovery program), pick up the phone and call a sober fellow, or create your own sober online meetups and have virtual juice or coffee dates.  As addicts in recovery, isolation can be dangerous territory. Now that we’re being forced to do something that happens to be one of the things that most recovery programs advise us against, it’s more important than ever that we find alternatives. Intherooms.com has some great online meetings, and most cities and districts have taken their twelve step meetings online. If you’re in a twelve-step recovery program and you haven’t received any links to these meetings, try reaching out to a few fellow members to find out if they can pass along the information. 

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