Here at Kembali Recovery Center, we’ve been fortunate to work with some truly remarkable individuals since the day we opened our doors. Many lives have been transformed here at the center, but none of what we do would be possible without our sensational team of change-makers and counselors. They are Kembali’s lifeblood, along with our incredible clients who inspire us daily with their dedication to recovery and commitment to healing themselves. 

Tony Wilmot is one member of our team that we feel particularly lucky to have on board. He’s been an integral part of our clients’ healing process since he became a drug and alcohol counselor at the center back in April of 2019. 

Tony holds multiple degrees, including a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Homeopathy, and a Masters in Health Management & Quality & Leadership, among others. He also has a background in Naturopathy and is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Duntroon

To us and to our clients, however, Tony is much more than his degrees and his accomplishments. He’s a good listener, a strong leader, and a skilled counselor. Most importantly, however, he’s able to help our clients work through trauma and the root causes of their addictions with kindness, ease, and empathy. 

One thing that makes Kembali unique is that each of us has faced our own battles with addiction, and we’ve come out the other side. We know what it feels like to struggle with substance abuse or compulsive behavior, and we also have a pretty good idea of what works to get ourselves out of active addiction and into the light. While we know that not every situation is black or white—what works for one addict in recovery might not work for the next—there’s still a strong force at play when you harness the power of one addict speaking to another. Particularly when one of those addicts has successfully maintained long-term recovery.  

Tony is also in recovery and has had continued success with sobriety on his own personal journey. While he maintains a consistent level of professionalism required to do his job competently, his experience in recovery gives him the unique ability to relate with our clients on a much more peer-based level. It’s true that Tony possesses an impressive roster of credentials and many years of experience in health and wellness, but he also understands how the addict mind works. Because he’s been there. He’s able to guide our clients through our program with compassion and ease while teaching them how to shift their unhealthy behavior patterns into healthy ones. 

Tony applies his professional knowledge and his personal experience to help our clients work through concepts surrounding stages of change, healthy communication, victim triangles (sometimes referred to as drama triangles), and codependency issues. He then provides the tools for them to achieve self-awareness, spiritual health, and to maintain a sustainable recovery program over the long term.

In addition to being a counselor, Tony’s military background has instilled in him the ability to be an excellent leader and a jack of many trades. One of his favorite things to do with clients is to get them up and moving with a solid fitness routine in the morning. As our onsite personal trainer, he’s able to easily adapt routines to suit each client’s fitness level and needs. It’s all done at the center, whether this means going on a healthy stroll or jog through the garden, strength training at our onsite gym, or swimming laps in the pool. 

Finally, Tony’s naturopathic background and extensive knowledge of how alcohol and drugs (including pharmaceuticals) interact with the body and brain also make him a wonderful asset to our clients while detoxing. His understanding of how the right whole foods can nourish the body and help replace nutrients lost during years of drug and alcohol abuse enable him to consult on appropriate meal plans. Proper nutrition is something that’s all-too-often overlooked by treatment professionals, but it’s very important during the detoxification process. Thanks to Tony’s expertise, we’re able to incorporate this into our clients’ programs with ease.

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of having Tony around and our clients echo this sentiment as well. We’re thrilled that he’s chosen to come and work with us, and we’re delighted to formally introduce him to all those who don’t yet know him. 

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