One of the many things our clients appreciate here at Kembali Recovery Center is the fact that the majority of our staff, including our founding members, are also in recovery. And while we do have long-term recovery, we also remember those early days very well. We’ve experienced the pitfalls of early recovery, the challenges faced, and, most importantly, we totally get how remarkable life can be once we’ve overcome these things.

Scott Rist and Katie Strong are the founders of Recovery Partner–an on-demand video program designed to provide solutions for the primary issues people in early recovery face. You know, the scary stuff, the new stuff, the old stuff, the family stuff, the relationship stuff, and everything in between…and facing all this stuff, *gulp*, sober. Scott and Katie also both happen to be in recovery, possessing over thirty years of sobriety, experience, strength, and hope between the two of them.

We’ve always been inspired by the recovery journey of these two awesome humans, so you can probably guess what happened when we saw an opportunity to form an alliance with them. Yep, we jumped for joy at the opportunity as soon as Recovery Partner launched.

Kembali exists for many good reasons, but the primary one is so that our clients can get sober and reclaim their life while building a strong foundation in recovery. Recovery Partner takes this one step further by providing an action plan for recoverees to survive and thrive post-treatment over the long-term.

By combining our services and offering full access to Scott and Katie’s program, we know that our clients will be getting far more than JUST best-in-class treatment. They’ll be receiving a sustainable recovery blueprint for life, enabling them to take their sober journey to new heights, tackle life on life’s terms, and become the very best versions of themselves.

Scott and Katie originally met within the recovery community right here in Bali. Having both worked in treatment, they noticed a common issue cropping up in peoples’ recovery journeys–clients frequently experienced anxiety about maintaining recovery AFTER treatment. While Kembali Recovery Center provides an incredible post-rehab action plan for its clients, we also wanted to be able to give them something they could access 24-7. Recovery Partner was the answer.

Scott and Katie really wanted to help people who were fresh out of treatment and getting ready to go home to locations across the world. They wanted to provide them with a resource that was always accessible to them, regardless of where they were.

Recovery Partner’s online solution lets you take your recovery with you wherever you go, and you can access it any time of day. It includes various modules that contain video-based lessons, assessments, and a downloadable action plan/digital workbook for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction who are looking for a strong foundation. Lessons include topics like How to Handle Drinking Occasions, Navigating Relationships and Sex (in recovery), Rediscovering Old Hobbies and Finding New Passions in Recovery, among others.

In recovery, Scott and Katie have carved out some very cool paths for themselves. Katie chose sobriety over suicide back in 1999. She now spends her time having fun with others in recovery and sharing the message of hope, fulfilling her sense of wanderlust across the globe, and, of course, running Recovery Partner with her co-founder, Scott. Scott put down the bottle in 2007 and he now shares his experience in juvenile halls, jails, and treatment centers worldwide when he’s not working on Recovery Partner. He’s also an avid outdoorsman and spends a good portion of his time kayaking, rafting, and working as an outdoor adventure guide. They’ll both tell you that life certainly does not end in recovery. In fact, they’re likely to tell you recovery is merely the beginning of a life that’s ripe with endless possibilities. And they’re living proof of this. 

We’re thrilled to have Scott and Katie’s program on offer here at Kembali. Recovery Partner memberships are automatically included for all of our Kembali clients and we think they’ll love the program as much as we’ve enjoyed going through the lessons ourselves. Scott and Katie make recovery relatable and, dare we say, even fun. We tend to think of life in recovery as the best deal around, and we love that Scott and Katie share our enthusiasm. Recovery Partner is a powerful supplement to any recovery program and we can’t wait for our clients to dive in! And, of course, you’re welcomed to contact them about purchasing the program for yourself or a loved one who you think could benefit even if you’re not a Kembali client.

Kembali is here for you

If you or someone you know and love is struggling to get sober or stay clean, Kembali Recovery Center is here for you. Contact us today to speak with a counselor. Always remember that you never have to do this alone.

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