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You need to get sober,” is generally not a welcomed statement from an addict’s or an alcoholic’s perspective when it’s directed at them. Most people who’ve struggled with substance abuse will be the first to admit that they don’t like being told they “need” to do anything. In fact, it’s probably not a choice phrase to use, like, ever. In order for an addict or alcoholic to turn that need into an actual desire, however, we need to eliminate the misconception that recovery is a death sentence. 

Yes, Recovery from addiction CAN actually lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams

Have you ever slipped into a twelve-step meeting and heard members making the enthusiastic claim that sobriety has given them a life beyond their wildest dreams? Or, what about this one: “All of the promises have come true!” Yeah, we know, what kinda Kool-Aid are these guys drinking? 

Well, guess what? A lot of them are telling the truth, but only the ones who actually do the work. Seriously, for those who do decide to enter into recovery, there are a lot of effective programs available these days and when we plug into them, life can actually get pretty cool. But, again, we must be willing to do the work.

First and foremost, there are some world-class rehabs out there that can help make recovery a lot less intimidating. There are also twelve-step programs, as mentioned, drug and alcohol counselors, support groups, therapists who specialize in addiction, and the list goes on. You’re not the first person on the block who’s struggled with addiction, and you certainly won’t be the last. 

Today, addiction is formally recognized as a treatable, chronic disease that millions (and, quite possibly, billions) of people struggle with. Sure, millions of people struggling isn’t necessarily something to celebrate, but it’s refreshing because it means that we, as addicts, no longer need to suffer in silence. And because there’s more of an awareness surrounding addiction, it also means that more people and organizations have developed methods to treat addiction. 

Recovery is an opportunity to recreate our lives however we want to

The early stages of recovery are difficult for most people, but once the drugs or alcohol have left our systems (or we’ve gotten used to avoiding compulsive behavior), life can get much brighter. For most addicts, the substances we abuse or the compulsive behaviors we engage in are things or behaviors we use to avoid looking inward. And, as cliche as it may sound, when we don’t truly know who we are, we miss out on being the best versions of ourselves. Because we’re too busy being addicts!

Giving up our compulsive behaviors frees up so much time for us to focus our energy on accomplishing the things we’ve always wanted to accomplish. We finally have the time, energy, and, for many of us, the extra cash (drug and alcohol habits can be expensive!) to take those guitar lessons we’ve always talked about taking. Or, learning how to surf, or traveling the world, or whatever it is that we let getting drunk or high get in the way of. 

No more hangovers!

This is one of the best parts of being sober. When we get sober and actually do the work outlined in our recovery programs, whether it’s our rehab blueprint, a twelve step (or similar) program, or both, we learn to enjoy life without substances. 

You might be very surprised at how many recovering addicts will attest to the fact that they actually have MORE fun sober than they ever did when they were drinking or using. Again, it takes some time to get used to sobriety, but once it happens, just imagine the sheer freedom in going out and having fun…and NEVER having it end in a hangover!

A global network of friends and support

This is probably one of the coolest parts of sobriety. If you struggle to get sober on your own, a good recovery center (rehab) is a great place to start. One of the many beautiful things about rehab is that you’ll be meeting other folks who are going through something similar to you, and these people can end up being friends for life. 

Beyond rehab, however, most people who decide to get sober and stay sober will also enter into a long-term program such as AA or NA. These programs exist all over the world, which also means that wherever you go, you have an instant network to plug into. It’s a pretty sweet deal. 


If you’re struggling with the idea of sobriety and under the impression that life in recovery is a drag, please think again. Sure, it’s not easy in the beginning, but if you just give it a chance, it truly can lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams. But, you’ll never know this until you take that first step… 

Kembali Recovery Center can Help

If you or someone you know is living in active addiction, you don’t have to do this alone — Kembali Recovery Center can help. Contact us today to learn about our inpatient and outpatient recovery programs. We can also fill you in on the latest travel updates to Indonesia. 

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