Anxiety Treatment Canberra

Anxiety Treatment Canberra

Kembali is a paradise for people who are suffering from substance use and mental health disorders. Away from the urban bustle of Canberra, our treatment facility combines evidence-based treatment modalities with holistic treatments and we do it while surrounding the nine patients we limit ourselves to at a time in Bali’s natural beauty.

Our aim is not just to help our patients break through addictions or to manage their mental health disorders. We want to nurture the whole being: mind, body, and soul. We want the experience at Kembali to not only be rehabilitative, but transformative.

The Need for Anxiety Treatment in Canberra

Canberra is Australia’s capital city, where many people work in high-stress jobs that are either in the government or related to it in some way. It also has the highest median home prices in the country, second only to Sydney. 

Between the high-stress nature of working in government, economic stress due to the high cost of housing, and a bevvy of personal factors, it’s no surprise that more and more people in Canberra, and Australia as a whole, struggle with anxiety disorders and their mental health in general.

In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, anxiety is a common disorder among Australians. Nearly 43 per cent of people across the nation will experience a mental health disorder. Of those people, 21.5 per cent will experience struggle with their disorder for around one year. Of those people who struggle for a year or longer, the most common disorder reported is anxiety, with approximately 17 per cent of people struggling with it.

To stem this growing trend of mental illness will require compassionate and thorough treatment. Providing that treatment to the people of Canberra and its suburbs is the aim of establishments such as Kembali.

Anxiety Treatment Options in the City

As the nation’s capital, it’s only fitting that Canberra has a wide range of psychotherapy clinics. From the Tuggeranong Stone Wall to Ginninderra Village, the capital has no shortage of professionals who are adept at treating anxiety. Here are some of the local options to consider before you consider booking a flight to beautiful Bali.

The Canberra Private Clinic

This facility specialises in delivering telehealth services, eliminating the need for patients to travel and offering them more flexibility to receive treatment without leaving the safety of their homes or having to be away from their families.

Strategic Psychology

Located in London Circuit, this clinic offers patients a safe, judgment-free space for them to share their mental health concerns and helps them work on strategies so they can go back to living rich, meaningful lives.

Capital Anxiety Clinic

This clinic has served all of ACT since it was established in 1988. They understand that life can come with a series of challenges and their team hopes to make life easier through their care and attention to promote health and healing. 

Why Travel to Bali for Anxiety Treatment?

The road to recovery from a mental illness is an incredibly hard one and whether or not to commit to it can be influenced by several factors – the treatment that is offered, the privacy, the environment that they’ll be surrounded by during inpatient treatment, and whether or not they feel like it’ll actually work and they’ll be able to manage their symptoms and live with anxiety or depression or another disorder.

Why Travel to Bali for Anxiety Treatment?


For many reasons, many people would rather not let it be known that they are coping with anxiety. They may work jobs where they could lose professional standing if it were revealed they were struggling with mental illness or they may lose face among their social circle. Some people also just their illness as deeply personal and would rather it stay that way.

Far from prying eyes and familiar surroundings, Kembali’s location isn’t just beautiful, it’s also incredibly private and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of confidentiality. That way, our patients can focus entirely on their healing and not have to worry about anyone finding out.


Factoring in the cost of travel, the quality of the care, and the facility itself, flying to Bali can offer a more cost-effective proposition than seeking treatment locally would. Given the high standard of care offered at Kembali, the value proposition is unmatched.

Healing Environment

Bali is renowned all over the world for its beautiful beaches and lush surroundings. At Kembali, the serenity of nature can serve as part of the treatment process and help with the process of healing.


There’s no higher priority for us at Kembali than the comfort and safety of our patients. If you choose to seek our care, we’ll make sure you avoid triggers so you can fully commit to your recovery.

Choosing to recover at Kembali isn’t just about choosing to a foreign country that’s a well-known holiday destination. It’s about making sure that every facet of your recovery is tailored towards you and your overall well-being. This may entail looking beyond your local options and taking a flight to Bali.

Getting To Bali from Canberra

If you’re considering taking a flight to Bali to treat severe anxiety, then understand that it’s not just a physical flight. You’re choosing to undergo a metamorphosis. The plane isn’t just a vehicle that carries you from one country to another, it’s a vessel that’ll be the first step in your transformation.

Getting To Bali from Canberra

Starting at the City

Your journey toward improving your quality of life and wellbeing will start in the nation’s capital. Getting to Canberra Airport will present no worries as ACTION buses run regular routes throughout the city with stops at Civic, Woden, and Belconnen Interchanges.

At the Airport

Canberra Airport will be your gateway to a new world, not just the physical world, but one full of healing and transformation. The airport is full of amenities so you’ll want for nothing while you wait for your flight. Some flights from Canberra to Bali can have a stopover at either Sydney or Melbourne, so you’ll have some time to reflect on the journey you’ve taken and to prepare for the journey ahead.

And, as anxiety often makes for nervous flyers, remember that commercial airline flights are by far the safest way to travel.

 Kembali’s Anxiety Treatment Program

We understand that there are times when anxiety becomes more than an inconvenience and can become something that paralyses you from being able to live your life and can lead you down paths where you use substances to help you manage your symptoms.

As such, we’ve designed our treatment program not just to treat the anxiety itself, but any co-occurring substance abuse disorders as well. Our program is multifaceted:


Here at Kembali, our psychotherapists are experts in their field and will engage openly and honestly with patients about their feelings and their thoughts. This is to give them a better understanding of their anxiety and what triggers it.


Medication is used, in some cases, to supplement therapy. It can reduce the severity of anxiety symptoms, which can help make therapy more effective.

Holistic Therapy

Our treatment isn’t focused on just the mind and the body. It’s focused on the complete well-being of each patient. Because of this, we embrace holistic treatments such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to help patients relax and give them a balanced way to manage their anxiety.


Despite our location in Bali, our commitment to providing patients with care doesn’t end when they leave our facility. We provide comprehensive aftercare services including regular checkups, support groups, and other resources to give patients continued support.

Aftercare Kembali Rehab

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It can be daunting to seek treatment. All too often, people who struggle with their mental health don’t seek treatment either because they’re not aware of their ailment or they don’t know how. But Kembali makes the process easier. From assessment to aftercare, we’ll help provide you with the highest standard of care. If you want to find treatment beyond what’s offered in Canberra, then come to Kembali. Contact us now to get started.


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