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Clayton Mallete (Co Founder, Canada)

Kembali Owner and Co-Founder, Clayton Mallette, has had years of practical experience working at a drug and alcohol rehab. Clayton studied Substance Abuse Counseling at Okanagan College in British Columbia where he began to design a course created to discover root causes behind addictions and to learn how to connect with others and our own emotions in a safe and healthy way. He also learned to develop counseling skills as they pertain to motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Clayton believes people with addictions are uniquely talented individuals that can make a profound impact on the world once in recovery. Clayton believes one of the most important areas of recovery is finding how to have fun again so clients will be having outings every Saturday to some of his favorite locations on the island. Having experienced firsthand the benefits of recovery and the isolation of addiction, he’s always had a desire to work with others on a similar journey. This is what ultimately led him to found Kembali Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.


Deby Berry (Co Founder, Canada)

With 30 plus years in the educational field, working with others in a nurturing capacity comes second nature to Kembali Co-Founder, Debby Berry. As a recovering addict herself, Debby studied Substance Use Counseling at Okanagan College in British Columbia where she learned about theories of substance use, current trends in addiction, harm reduction, and strategies including relapse prevention and the implementation of wellness plans. She also learned how to develop counseling skills as they pertain to motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Debby also spent 10 years working at a personal development company where she’s facilitated over 120 Connections workshops, many alongside her son, Clayton. Connections workshops are owned by Terry Lige who runs Inside Out Leadership Development Group. She’s had extensive training under Lige, and his transformative workshops will be incorporated into Kembali Recovery Center’s 28-day program.

Tony Wilmot (Drug and Alcohol Counselor/Detox Specialist, Australia)

Tony Wilmot (Drug and Alcohol Counselor/Detox Specialist, Australia)

Tony Wilmot has been an integral part of our client’s healing process since he became a drug and alcohol counselor with us in 2019. Tony holds multiple Bachelor degrees, including those in Psychology, Science, Business, a Masters Degree in Health Management Leadership and advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy/Homeopathy.

Besides his prolific education, Tony is a down to earth counselor who is skilled at helping clients work through trauma and identify the root causes of their addictions in a direct yet kind and empathetic manner. He applies his personal experience to help clients discover how to transform their negative beliefs, emotions and unhealthy behaviours and to develop the self-awareness to plan for a sustainable recovery. Tony leads breathwork and meditation sessions and is also our onsite personal trainer adapting various workouts to suit client needs. His naturopathic background and personal experience with drug addiction make him a great asset to our clients while detoxing.

Nyoman Saputra (Putra)

Meet I Nyoman Saputra or Putra, our esteemed yoga teacher at Kembali Recovery Center, where we believe in the power of holistic healing in addiction recovery. With a radiant spirit and a dedication to wellness, Putra brings a unique blend of expertise and positivity to our center.  Hailing from the serene landscapes of Bali, Putra’s journey in yoga began as a personal passion that blossomed into a profound vocation. Trained extensively in yoga teaching techniques, Putra holds certificates from intensive yoga teaching skill workshops, a testament to his commitment to excellence in his craft.  His deep understanding of yoga’s therapeutic benefits and its potential in aiding addiction recovery makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

Beyond his credentials, Putra’s warmth, and compassion shine through in every session, creating a nurturing environment where individuals feel empowered to embark on their journey to wellness. His infectious positivity uplifts spirits and inspires participants to explore their inner strength and resilience.

Nyoman’s gentle guidance and unwavering support enable our clients to harness these benefits, fostering physical, mental, and spiritual well-being along the path to sobriety.  Nyoman’s dedication to his practice, coupled with his innate ability to connect with others, makes him a cherished member of our team. We are privileged to have Nyoman on board, enriching the lives of our clients with his transformative teachings and nurturing presence. Join us in embracing the healing power of yoga with Nyoman at Kembali Recovery Center.

Raden Purwacaraka (Raka)

Raden Purwacaraka (Raka)

Allow us to introduce Raden Purwacaraka, an invaluable member of our team at Kembali Recovery Center, where his unwavering dedication and personal journey through addiction recovery inspire hope and transformation in others. Raka’s professional background is impressive, but it is his profound empathy and positive energy that truly set him apart. Having navigated his own path to recovery, Raka brings a deep understanding and empathy to his role as a support worker. His journey, marked by resilience and determination, serves as a beacon of hope for our clients, demonstrating that recovery is not just possible but achievable with dedication and support.

Raka’s diverse experiences, from his tenure as a corporate trainer to his roles in legal offices, have equipped him with invaluable skills in communication, organization, and problem-solving. Yet, it is his innate ability to connect with individuals on a profound level that makes him an exceptional support worker.  Clients consistently praise Raka for his unwavering support, compassionate listening, and genuine concern for their well-being. His positivity is infectious, creating an atmosphere of encouragement and empowerment within our center.

In addition to his professional qualifications, Raka’s personal journey through addiction recovery imbues his work with authenticity and understanding. He leads by example, demonstrating the power of resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative potential of seeking help.  At Kembali Recovery Center, we are privileged to have Raka as a part of our team, where his compassion, positivity, and personal journey serve as guiding lights for those on the path to recovery. With Raka’s support, our clients find strength, hope, and the courage to embrace a brighter future free from addiction.

Wayan Wira

Wayan Wira

Meet Wira, an invaluable asset to the Kembali Recovery Center, with a passion for aiding individuals on their journey to recovery. Wira has continually pursued education, supplementing his knowledge through online courses, demonstrating a commitment to professional growth.

Living sober since August 25, 2013, Wira embodies the principles of recovery, serving as an inspiration to our clients. His extensive certifications in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment are a testament to his dedication to excellence in the field. Wira has completed a series of comprehensive courses, including:

  • UTC 1 Introduction to the Science of Addiction
  • UTC 2 Continuum of Care for Addiction Professionals
  • UTC 3 Common Co-Occurring Mental & Medical Disorders: An Overview for Addiction Professionals
  • UTC 4 Basic Counseling Skills for Addiction Professionals
  • UTC 6 Case Management for Addiction Professionals
  • UTC 8 Ethical Code for Addiction Professionals
  • ICAP Recovery Support Qualification

These certificates reflect his deep understanding of addiction science, treatment modalities, co-occurring disorders, counseling techniques, case management strategies, and ethical standards. Additionally, Wira holds an ICAP Recovery Support Examination Certificate, further demonstrating his proficiency in providing support to individuals in recovery.

With his expertise in SUD treatment, Wira is well-equipped to provide compassionate and effective care to our clients, helping them navigate the challenges of addiction and achieve lasting sobriety.

Yayuk Fatmawati (Ayu)

Yayuk Fatmawati (Ayu)

Yayuk Fatmawati (Ayu) is a dedicated individual who has triumphed over personal struggles with addiction, exemplifying resilience, and commitment.  She continued her education through online courses, enhancing her knowledge in addiction science, counseling skills, and ethical practices holding certificates in:

  • UTC 1 Introduction to the Science of Addiction
  • UTC 2 Continuum of Care for Addiction Professional 
  • UTC 3 Common Co-Occurring Mental & Medical 
  • UTC 4 Basic Counseling Skill for Addiction Professionals 
  • UTC 6 Case Management for Addiction Professionals 
  • UTC 8 Ethic Code for Addiction Professionals 
  • ICAP Recovery Support Examination Certificate

Since achieving sobriety on August 25, 2013, Ayu has pursued certifications in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, including peer outreach work with YAKEBA. Her educational journey reflects her determination to excel in supporting others on the path to recovery.

Ayu’s extensive work experience in the field of addiction recovery further underscores her dedication. From her early involvement with the Hati-Hati Social Foundation’s Needle Exchange Program, she has consistently demonstrated a passion for helping individuals overcome addiction. Notably, she has contributed to rehabilitation programs for inmates at Tabanan Prison.

Ayu’s journey from personal struggle to professional expertise makes her an asset to our team here at the Kembali Recovery Center. Her combination of lived experience, formal education, and practical training equips her with the empathy, skills, and insights needed to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those seeking recovery. 

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