Recovery from drug addiction begins with an admission of complete powerlessness over mind altering substances. Once this is recognized, you or your loved one has your entire life ahead, and Kembali Rehab is here to begin the journey with you. Bali is one of the most breathtaking, healing islands on earth which you’ll experience from the moment you step onto the Kembali property — a place to call home for the next 28 days. You’ll be greeted by our welcoming staff and certified in-house counselors, many of whom are in recovery themselves.

What Can I Expect From Kembali’s Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

Our drug treatment program involves an initial assessment upon client intake, followed by a Day 2 checkup at Ubud Care Clinic where detoxification processes can be discussed if necessary. We’ll be in regular touch with medical personnel if and when needed. Rehabilitation begins on the first day and includes a private room at our villa. You’ll have access to individual and group addiction counseling sessions with our in-house licensed therapist, fitness and holistic health sessions, breathwork, and massage treatments. Please visit our Modalities page for detailed information. In your downtime, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy Kembali’s large pool overlooking the villa views, walk the lush green grounds, and spend quality time with other clients in the program.

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