Drug Addiction Treatment

What Can I Expect From Kembali’s Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

Substance Use Assessment

Drug Treatment

Detoxification and Withdrawal

    Rehabilitation Program

    Counselling and Behaviour Therapy

    Counselling and Behaviour Therapy

    Kembali offers a multitude of counselling and talk therapies. Through individual counselling, our patients can talk about sensitive topics on a one-on-one basis with our counsellors – this provides them with the opportunity to express their concerns with their addiction, discover the root causes, and develop new coping skills and mechanisms.

    Group therapy allows our clients to discuss their addiction with others – this provides peer support, camaraderie, and promotes a feeling of acceptance – knowing that others share similar struggles with addiction aids in the overall recovery.

    Holistic Therapy Kembali

    Holistic Therapy

    Our holistic therapies consist of alternative activities that promote overall health and wellness. Through activities like yoga, meditation, massage therapy and art therapy, you can keep your mind occupied from triggers and cravings – all while contributing to a healthy mind and body.

    Addiction is a complex disease, and through holistic treatment, you can rediscover the purpose of a meaningful life.  

    Ongoing Treatment

    On Going Treatment

    Relapse Prevention

    Substance Use Disorders Treated

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