Frequently Asked Questions

What addictions does Kembali Recovery Center treat?

We treat clients with a variety of issues including Drug and Alcohol addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, sex and love addiction, PTSD and codependency.

What does the 28-day treatment program include?

Our 28-day treatment program is all-inclusive of accommodation, nutritious meals at the Kembali Villa provided by a professional culinary staff, individual and group counseling sessions, fitness and health sessions, massage treatment, involvement with other community recovery members, weekly excursions, and aftercare options.

What are the benefits of attending the program?

Kembali Recovery Center clients will benefit in a number of ways, namely they will begin their journey into a life free from mind-altering substances. Our drug and alcohol rehab provides a unique experience for clients — one that leads to transformative self-awareness, a sense of community, connection with others, and a new way of living where they’ll learn to embrace fun and adventure. They’ll also be spending their time on an island that’s known globally as a place of healing. The magic of Bali is undeniable — it’s a culturally rich, spiritual destination that helps us become attuned to our innermost selves in profound ways. In the end, our clients will learn how addiction can be their biggest teacher, learning how to honor their gifts and replace their addictive patterns with healthy behaviors.

Are clients allowed to use the Internet and make calls?

Yes but with some restrictions. Phones and internet use is allowed on the weekends  from Friday evening until Sunday evening. Brief weekday exceptions can be discussed.

What is Kembali Recovery Center’s Aftercare Program?

We recognize that an effective aftercare program is one of the primary keys to maintaining long-term sobriety. Clients and their families will have phone and email access to our staff as needed, and will also be provided with the information necessary to access sobriety maintenance support groups in their area. This includes regular group meetings like NA and AA — both of which have proven to help addicts in drug and alcohol recovery stay sober for the years to come. Rehab clients will also be educated on relapse prevention, how to identify specific dangerous situations, and how to plan for long term stability in recovery. Through our program, they’ll gain an understanding of the Faster Relapse Awareness Scale/Dry Relapse Pattern, and will create a detailed recovery plan.

Does Kembali Recovery Center offer 12-Step meetings?

Yes, the rehab will host 12-Step meetings throughout the week for men and women, and we will also take clients to meetings in town (Ubud).

How does payment work?

Payment is accepted in the form of a VISA transaction, or you may wire your payment to our Kembali Recovery Center bank account in Ubud, Bali, prior to rehab admission.

Does Kembali Recovery Center offer a detox program?

Clients are able to detox at our facility or may choose to detox at home, prior to coming to Bali. We have a variety of detox options that can be discussed and may be at extra cost to the client.  We have access to a qualified Psychiatrist, Dr. Joy Reverger, and several excellent hospitals nearby (Kashibu and Ari Canti).

Does Kembali Recovery Center have a refund policy?

For refunds, each case will be individually assessed based on the date the client departs and contributing factors, but our general policy is to apply payment to a future session at Kembali with an additional administrative fee.

Is Kembali Recovery Center a licensed rehab?

Yes, Kembali meets all requirements to be fully operational and in compliance with Indonesian regulations, and the staff has the necessary work permits (KITAS) to be legally working in Bali.