Depression Treatment Melbourne

Depression Treatment Melbourne

Depression is a mental health disorder whose trademark is persistent sadness. People who have depression will experience a low mood, they will have bouts of fatigue, feel hopelessness regarding their lives, withdraw socially, and just feel empty inside.

Kembali understands just how profound the impact that a depressive disorder can have on your life. To that end, we are committed to providing Australians with the highest quality of mental health treatment available.

Why Melbourne Needs Treatment for Depression

Mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are prevalent in Australia. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that in 2021, 19 per cent of all Australians reported being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria. In fact, it was the first British settlement in Victoria. In 1803, people settled on Sullivan Bay, which is close to where Sorrento is in the present.

It’s recognised as Australia’s cultural capital and is a global hub for sport, cinema, literature, television, and art. These cultural attributes have made Melbourne one of the world’s most livable cities. 

It is also the second most populated city in Australia, with a population of roughly 5 million people. Given those numbers, it’s inevitable that a significant amount of Melbourne’s residents will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetimes.

Treatment Options for Depression in Melbourne

It’s almost invariable that any major urban centre is going to require a litany of mental health treatment. Between the high cost of living in cities and the high-stress jobs that are prevalent in major cities, there are going to be many ways in which a mental illness can be triggered or exacerbated. 

However, to meet this inevitability, there are many options to find mental health treatment in Melbourne. Some of these options include:

The Melbourne Clinic

Located on Church Street in Richmond, this clinic has been providing mental health services since 1978. They provide outpatient mental health services for a wide range of disorders and to people of all ages.

The Three Seas Group

This clinic has a location on Queen Street and provides treatment and counselling for depression. They also have locations in Richmond, Northcote, and Wantirna South.

Dynamic Psychotherapy

Nestled on Drummond Street in Carlton, this private psychology practice has a team of psychologists and counsellors who work to facilitate transformative change.

Why Should You Come to Bali to Treat Depression?

Despite the many options to seek treatment for depression in Melbourne, many Australians find that their best chance at treating the symptoms of depression is in Bali. Here are a few reasons as to why coming to Bali is a compelling option:

Why Should You Come to Bali to Treat Depression?


There are many reasons why someone would rather not disclose to the world at large that they have a mental health disorder. In some cultures around the world, many of which are represented in Melbourne’s diverse population, the topic of mental illness is taboo.

Many people in Melbourne also work in professions wherein a mental illness can present professional complications. As such, they may want their illnesses to remain private.

The combination of distance that being in a foreign country provides and the high standards of confidentiality that we at Kembali hold ourselves to ensure that our guests can rest easy knowing that their private matters will stay private. This allows them to dedicate their energy towards their recovery.

Cost Efficiency

While it can seem like flying to Bali to get treatment can be more expensive, our rates at Kembali are quite affordable. Even when you factor in the cost of travel, the high standard of care that we provide presents a better value proposition than the local options.

Cultural Immersion

Our treatment centre in Bali is located near a local village, and guests can explore this village to experience Balinese culture. Guests can participate in excursions to Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple, which is one of Bali’s least visited temple complexes.

Healing Environment

Travellers from all over the world come to Bali on holiday because of how beautiful it is. Between the lush tropical forests and serene beaches with waters as clear as glass, Bali is almost unmatched in natural beauty.

But this natural beauty does not serve only to entice tourism. It also serves to complement recovery by allowing our guests to reconnect with nature. 

Getting to Bali from Melbourne

If you’ve decided that coming to Bali is your best bet for treating your depression, then the first leg of your journey ends at Tullamarine, better known internationally as Melbourne Airport.

Getting there will be a breeze as SkyBus provides direct access to the airport. If you’re living closer to the Melbourne CBD, then the Tullamarine Freeway will provide you with a direct path to the airport.

At the airport, you’ll find world-class shopping and dining options, so you won’t miss anything while you wait for your flight. If you’d rather sit and reflect, then the airport also has quiet lounges so you can find a measure of calm.

Getting to Bali from Melbourne

Kembali’s Depression Treatment

You may be suffering from depression and a barrage of negative thoughts, but understand that depression is very much treatable. At Kembali, our depression treatment program is designed to help people manage their depression symptoms. Here’s a brief overview of what our program entails:


The first stage of treatment is the assessment. At this stage, our team will listen to the patient and gain an understanding of their struggles, their needs, their nuances, and the type of depression that they have. This assessment will allow our team to craft an individualised plan for each guest so everyone can get the right treatment.

Evidence-based Treatment

At Kembali, we employ modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), and mindfulness therapy to help treat guests. These modalities have proven to be an effective treatment for depression.

Holistic Therapy

We also believe in treating the spirit as well as the mind and body. This is why we offer holistic treatment options such as yoga, art, and meditation. These therapies help to promote emotional well-being and can be great for managing stress, which is a major trigger for mental illness.

Group Therapy

While in Kemabli, guests will be able to attend group therapy sessions. These sessions serve not only to allow guests the opportunity to make connections, which can later become sources of strength and encouragement but also so that guests can learn from others who are further along in their recovery.


Before a guest leaves Kembali, our team will work with them to create a comprehensive aftercare plan. This plan will outline what resources are available to each guest so they can continue to receive support when they return home.

Find Lasting Recovery with Us

Struggling with depression can be debilitating. It makes it hard to see a point in living life, and it can take the joy out of things that once made a person happy. So don’t delay treatment. Contact us now and we’ll get you on the path to recovery. Our team is waiting to take your call or respond to your email.


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