Drug Rehab Sunshine Coast

Drug Rehab Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast stretches for more than 60 km (40 miles) along the Queensland coast with its white sandy beaches and blue sea, where lush rainforests and quaint villages can be seen throughout this vast and varied area and are home to national parks and waterways. This beautiful landscape has a subtropical climate, making it a perfect year-round destination to visit.

A trip to the Sunshine Coast to spend a holiday may seem ideal, but what if you are looking for drug and alcohol treatment on the Sunshine Coast? You will need a life-changing journey that can promote recovery and prevent relapse, which is what we do at Kembali Rehab.

For anyone facing the challenges of substance addiction on the Sunshine Coast, our refuge in Bali can provide personalised residential treatment programmes with equally stunning landscapes at affordable prices. We extend our warm welcome to come and experience a unique and comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Residential Rehabs For Drug And Alcohol Addiction on Sunshine Coast

Drug and alcohol consumption is increasing at an alarming rate around the globe; Australia is no exception. Although there are no up-to-date statistics available on substance abuse for specific areas, the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services recently reported a rise in drinkers seeking help for alcohol addiction since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be remembered that with the heightened consumption of alcohol and substance use, there are elevated cases relating to mental health issues associated with this behaviour, all placing additional pressure on healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics.

Detox and rehabilitation centres are finding themselves overwhelmed with people requiring treatment and waiting times are getting longer which may be too late for many individuals finding themselves in the latter stages of addiction. Because of the situation and demand for rehab facilities, many unregulated centres are popping up with insufficient expertise and a lack of professional healthcare providers.

However, authorities on the Sunshine Coast recognise the importance of addressing substance addiction and many private facilities are providing their specific ways of healing, realising that due to the high volume of demand, more solutions are needed to deal with the epidemic of these disorders.

Sunshine Coast Detox And Rehab Options

There are no recent figures to determine the extent of drug and alcohol addiction on the Sunshine Coast, but 2017 indications show the top five suburbs for substance abuse are Maroochydore, Nambour, Mooloolaba, Buderim, and Caloundra. Here are some private rehab centres where individuals may find appropriate treatment:

  1. Lives Lived Well: Located at Nambour. They facilitate their research and offer support to undertake projects aimed at improving alcohol, drug and mental health practice.
  2. WHOS Najara: This residential rehabilitation treatment service is located at Nambour. WHOS provides therapeutic programmes aimed at achieving recovery from alcohol and other forms of dependence, incorporating harm reduction and co-existing mental health initiatives.
  3. Noosa Confidential: Located at Peregian Beach. Noosa Confidential offers a private one-on-one rehabilitation programme that integrates medical components with holistic natural therapies to identify and successfully treat the condition’s cause.
  4. The Health Retreat: Located at Kiels Mountain. This is not a hospital or clinic providing detox or rehab but rather a facility offering a holistic approach to overall well-being.

Treatment for alcohol and other drug concerns around Queensland’s Sunshine Coast can prove costly, have lengthy admission intakes, and may not always be accessible due to locations.

Alternative Addiction Treatment In Bali

Many people in Queensland with drug and alcohol problems are seeking alternative ways of sourcing experienced health professionals who can provide residential rehab and operate with evidence-based treatment where the waiting times are considerably less for inpatient rehab and are more affordable.

Kembali Rehab is a private rehab centre nestled away in the stunning surroundings on the island of Bali, with proximity to calm sandy beaches, the pristine water of the ocean, and open views of rice fields. Excellent sunny climes and serenity make our facility the idyllic sanctuary to begin the healing process and initiate the path to long-lasting recovery.

We only admit eight patients at a time to ensure our full attention is a priority and focus on their well-being at all times. We can offer onsite detox with our resident psychologist, or in severe cases, the detox process may be carried out by a local psychiatrist at Bali Mental Health Clinic. After a successful detox, our inpatient residential treatment continues using various modalities to promote overall health and focus on recovery.

Our luxury facility offers everything you would expect from a first-class service, including accommodation, meals, and amenities without the high price tag you may find back home on the Sunshine Coast. We believe every patient deserves the best, so we allow our residents to be given free time to relax and enjoy excursions and activities to help them focus on their recovery.

Our personalised treatment programmes incorporate the connection of body, mind and soul to promote a more balanced lifestyle and self-awareness.

Travelling From Queensland To Bali

If you are looking for a reputable treatment centre for yourself or a loved one, your immediate thought will probably be related to the travel involved, the time it takes to arrive in Bali from the Sunshine Coast and how to get there, which at first you may find complicated but is a lot easier than you may expect.

Departing The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast airport is located in the suburb of Maroochydore where several flights depart for Bali, Indonesia although there are no direct flights and may entail one or two stops either at Sydney, Melbourne or both.

The other alternative is to depart from Brisbane Airport, approximately four hours away by train heading south. Whichever airport you choose to fly from, you will leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and within 7 to 10 hours you can touch down at Ngurah Rai Airport, also known as Denpasar and immediately absorb the tranquillity and a sense of inner calm.

The Way To Long-lasting Recovery

Wherever you live on the Sunshine Coast, there is a good network of trains and buses that can transport you to the airport of your choice. The Sunbus Charter operates regular trips to the Sunshine Coast Airport, as well as the Con-x-ion Shuttle bus located at Bells Creek near Mooloolah.

Trains can transport you further south to Brisbane Airport. Any of these options are available to add to your itinerary and commence your journey to an addiction-free life.

The Perfect Landing

Upon arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, you will be greeted with a warm welcome by a staff member to ensure you have an ongoing smooth trip to our luxury facility located about 3.5 km from the airport tucked away in a small village 15 minutes from Ubud. You will find our five-star centre provides you with top-class accommodation and offers panoramic views of lush landscapes and open views of rice fields.

Not Just An Ordinary Residential Rehab Clinic

After settling in, your journey has only just begun as you leave behind the temptations and physical dramas of life back home in places like Maroochydore or Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, and start your healing process by connecting with your inner-self and incorporating our modalities for a smooth transition to a healthier lifestyle. You will find our centre has your interest at heart from the moment you arrive and our friendly staff will go the extra mile to ensure your stay goes above and beyond your expectations.

Kembali’s Residential Drug Rehab

Upon arrival, you will receive an assessment to determine various factors related to your addiction, and a programme will be designed to suit your specific needs, after which treatment will commence.


The first phase of our programme is detoxification, a requirement to cleanse the body from all traces of drug or alcohol substances. This procedure may be carried out under the supervision of our onsite psychologist or in severe cases, detox may be considered a better option at Bali Mental Health Clinic under specialised psychiatrist treatment. Each person will be assessed and a detox plan will be designed to address their specific needs and severity of addiction. 

Rehabilitation Programme

After a successful detox, the patient embarks on our residential treatment programme tailored to suit their requirements and enhance recovery. We incorporate various modalities from traditional approaches to holistic therapies. This form of treatment focuses on balancing the four most important areas of our life including, mind, body, emotions, social interactions, and spirit.

We focus largely on self-awareness, understanding our beliefs about ourselves, and how they drive our unhealthy behaviours, and then look at how to do things differently. All our past clients have found our methods and programme very helpful for moving forward in their lives in all areas.


During treatment, some of the key topics we look at are about self-help and dealing with issues that sabotage success and happiness helping patients identify these matters and learn how to create positive plans that will help lead to healthier outcomes. Our ongoing support and aftercare promote further self-awareness and less risk of relapse enabling them to maintain sobriety.

Kembali Rehab focuses on pinpointing the issues and causes related to addiction and prioritises the well-being of every individual at every step of the healing process by providing the correct treatment, tools, knowledge and ongoing support.

The Substances We Treat

Kembali Rehab was founded by a mother and son, both recovering addicts and were inspired to offer their services to assist others struggling with the challenges of alcohol and other substance addiction. Owners and counsellors collectively have trained in a variety of areas which include an Australian Certification IV in Drug and Alcohol counselling, Certification IV in both Mental Health and First Aid, Cognitive Behavioral Training, Motivational Interviewing Training as well as

degrees in areas such as Bachelor of Science, Education, Health Management, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Kinesiology.

degrees in areas such as Bachelor of Science, Education, Health Management, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Kinesiology.

We consider our professional team of health specialists to be fully equipped and have expertise and knowledge on treating a spectrum of addictions such as:

We can also treat certain mental health disorders including:

Other addictions we can treat effectively are included in our process addiction programmes:

  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Gaming
  • Food
  • Sex
  • Work
  • Shopping

You will find that with each addiction, our focus is not just on treating the physical nature of the problem but incorporating the psychological, emotional and social factors to ensure each person receives the highest measure of care to find solutions and obtain the maximum results.

The Benefits Of Kembali Rehab Vs Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast in Australia may have superb private rehab centres with effective programmes to treat alcohol and other drug substances but these can prove to be very expensive and unaffordable to many people seeking help. Due to heightened levels of alcohol and drug misuse in the area, the demand for these services has increased at an alarming rate putting strain on admissions, and creating a lengthy waiting time.

On the other hand, Bali is an alternative option to finding the necessary treatment with luxury facilities and top professional healthcare specialists and is not too far away making it a viable choice for those seeking an immediate answer.

Here are just a few of the benefits that are available at Kembali Rehab:

  • Serene Surroundings: Our centre is situated in an idyllic paradisic location providing tranquillity to reflect and concentrate on healing well away from the stress and temptations related to city life.
  • Personalised Care: We only take eight patients at a time to ensure our dedicated care and attention are fully committed to providing residential treatment on a personal note rather than a generic one. Every programme is designed and tailored to every individual to revolve around their specific needs.
  • Multi-qualified Team: Our team have expertise and knowledge and understands the challenges you face as some are recovering addicts themselves and will work alongside you to ensure you get all the support through every stage of the process.
  • Aftercare and Support: When you leave our rehab centre, you may be rest assured your treatment doesn’t end there. You will receive our full aftercare support to help you stay on your path to sobriety.
  • Amenities: Not only do we provide first-class meals, accommodation and luxury facilities, but we also engage our patients in having fun and enjoying excursions and activities included in our programme.
  • Affordable: In comparison to other rehab centres on the Sunshine Coast, we provide a cost-effective option that is much more accessible for people seeking help with addiction.

By choosing Kembali Rehab, you can discover all the comforts and support that are necessary to make recovery a truly transformative journey.

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