What if Methamphetamine is Mixed With Other Substances?

How Long Does it Take After the Detection of Meth Use to Leave Your System?

  • Urine: Upon crystal meth entering the bloodstream, it is broken down into metabolites, some of which are absorbed by the body. A significant amount is eliminated through the kidneys and eliminated in urine. After a single meth use, a urine test can detect metabolites only for a few days. With regular substance abuse, this can continue circulating in the body, and due to the build-up, it can take approximately a week after it was last used for a negative urine test result. 
  • Hair: When ingested, crystal meth is circulated by the bloodstream to every part of the body; this includes the cells of hair follicles. These cells are pushed out of the follicles as hair grows, forming the visible part of the hair. These cells can retain traces of methamphetamine, acting a bit like a time capsule. A hair follicle test is used for detecting meth and its metabolites for around 90 days after the last drug use. Heavy users can have traces of meth in hair samples for longer than 120 days. 
  • Blood: It is a very rare practice, but occasionally there may be times when blood testing for methamphetamine is required. Ice that has been smoked, snorted, or injected will show up immediately in a blood test and can remain in the bloodstream for up to 3 days.
  • Saliva: As with most drugs, ice can be detected in saliva tests. The substance can be traced in oral fluids for up to 2 days after taking the drug.

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