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The beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia is one of the most scenic and paradisic places you can imagine, with its lush tropical landscapes, glorious sandy beaches, and sunny climate that can only make one feel relaxed and promote a sense of well-being both physically and mentally.

Kembali Recovery Centre is a luxury facility nestled among the picturesque backdrop of the island, close to the soothing sound of the waves rolling in off the ocean, the perfect haven to connect with nature and leave far behind the hustle and bustle of city life with its temptations and distractions.

At Kembali Recovery Centre, we are a treatment provider to address addiction and mental health issues resulting from substance abuse. We offer residential treatment in a luxury rehab centre at an affordable price for anyone needing a solution for their drug addiction and who may be searching for other treatment options rather than the conventional approach.

Why Choose A Rehab Centre in Bali?

The average cost of addiction treatment in drug rehab in Australia may set you back around $30,000 in the private sector; that said, luxury rehab centres provide excellent services and modern treatment programs, but very few can boast about their location and calm environment compared to the island of Bali. Many luxury rehab centres offer alternative therapies and ongoing support to prevent relapse but may not incorporate other methods to complement the healing process of drug addiction.

Kembali Recovery Centre was founded by a mother-and-son partnership from British Columbia, Canada. After both themselves being victims of addiction, they decided to embark on a mission to help others recover and benefit from their cost-effective method of rehabilitation. The main focus of their work is using a holistic programme that incorporates the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual method, a way of balancing the different areas in someone’s life. Many clients, past and present, have found this method helpful in making progress and moving forward with their lives.

Best-In-Class Personalised Treatment

At Kembali Recovery Centre, we understand the value of providing an affordable rehab experience, and premium quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation shouldn’t have to come with an outrageous price tag. For this reason, our 4, 8, or 12-week programmes in Bali are about a third of the going cost of many luxury western rehab facilities.

The main programme is 28 days but can be extended to 60 or 90 days if a patient considers it beneficial to stay longer. The standard 28-day residential program runs at an affordable price, making it an option that’s attainable for most and costs between $11,000 to $13,000 USD. In comparison to other luxury rehab centres, we prioritise our cost should be feasible for a wider audience without cutting corners on standards and excellence.

We allow a maximum of 8 patients to ensure each individual receives a lot of specialised care and attention and one-on-one time with our counsellors, we provide practices such as yoga, meditation, and gym workouts tailored to each patient’s needs and abilities and include some fun by organising excursions and sightseeing trips into our programme such as visiting famous temples, a day at Virgin Beach or even river rafting.

Because we, as owners, are recovering addicts ourselves, we are trained and accredited by professional bodies in a variety of areas, and we work in close contact with psychiatrists and have access to several nearby excellent hospitals and clinics. We have an onsite psychologist who can provide detoxification either at our facility or offsite with Bali Mental Health Clinic, depending on detox severity.

Our Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual method is a holistic approach that focuses on balancing the four most important areas of our life, including mind, body, emotions, social interactions, and spirit. We focus largely on self-awareness, understanding our beliefs about ourselves and how they drive our unhealthy behaviours, and then examining how to do things differently. 

All our treatment programmes are designed and tailored to suit each individual depending on their specific needs and requirements and every aspect of your stay is personalised to ensure your experience with us is comfortable and meets your expectations.

What Else Is Included At Rehab In Bali, Other Than Addiction Treatment?

Our luxury facilities in Bali offer comprehensive residential treatment for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, and our 28, 60, or 90-day programmes include the necessary treatment depending on each individual’s needs and length of stay with us.

As you may expect, we are a luxury facility in beautiful surroundings and provide superb accommodation with comfort and first-class service. Each client has a private bedroom with quality mattresses and bedding, an ensuite bathroom with hot showers and AC, and a large flat-screen smart TV with Netflix.

All meals, airport pickup and return transportation, excursions, weekly massage, group therapy sessions, weekly one-on-one counselling sessions, and yoga/meditation sessions are included. There are no hidden costs, but we suggest you bring along some additional money should you require extra snacks, go shopping, buy gifts, meals out, or extra spa treatments. We provide one weekly massage, but additional sessions can be arranged at extra cost.

We do not include any flight or travel costs to or from Bali other than airport pickup and return transportation. However, we would be pleased to assist you in finding a flight if you prefer us to search for you.

Luxury Bali Drug Rehab Treatment Centre: The Affordable Option

Weighing up the pros and cons, any private rehabilitation centre to treat addiction is not going to be cheap. Still, the top priority is about seeking an adequate treatment plan to help someone detox and follow a rehab programme to get them on the road to recovery.  Thousands of dollars is a lot of money but there is no price for a person’s health and one should focus on the result rather than the overall cost.

At Kembali Recovery Centre, we pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable rehabs that includes various services and amenities for addicts to overcome and defeat their challenges of drug abuse. Sometimes, we have to look further than the end of our noses and stroll a bit further to encounter other opportunities that are waiting to be discovered.

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