Best-In-Class Personalized Treatment

As two recovering addicts themselves, Deb and Clay understand the value in providing an affordable rehab experience. Premium quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation shouldn’t have to come with an outrageous price tag, which is why they’ve priced their 28 day program in Bali at roughly a third of the cost of many luxury western rehabs. Contact us for pricing.

Residential Treatment


For a 4 week program:

What’s included in the price?
28 Day Program: Kembali Recovery Center’s drug and alcohol treatment program includes accommodation, airport pickup and return, all meals, excursions, weekly massage, group therapy sessions, weekly one on one counseling sessions and yoga/meditation sessions. If clients need assistance finding flights to Bali, please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate.


What Forms of Payment does Kembali Recovery Center Accept?
Payment is accepted in the form of a VISA transaction, or you may wire your payment to our Kembali Recovery Center bank account in Ubud, Bali, prior to admission.  Payment is also possible via Wise/Transferwise.