While you might think that we’re a little biased when it comes to sobriety’s benefits (you’re right, we are), there are actually some pretty groovy reasons why we love it.

Here are SEVEN of those reasons:

  1. Say, “buh-bye,” to hangovers. Yep, we’re done. 😉 The bottom line and the general consensus among most everyone who’s ever had a monster hangover in his or her lifetime is that they (hangovers) royally suck. From the migraines to the spinning room to the awkward moment you’re calling in sick to work when your boss knows perfectly well you’re a pub fiend––there really are zero benefits. And guess what? Getting sober means NO MORE HANGOVERS! Hooray!
  2. You’ll remember where you put the car keys the next day. C’mon, we’ve all been there after a Grade A drunken night out. The keys get lost, cars get lost, WE get lost. It’s no fun losing stuff, and car keys in particular have a sneaky way of winding up missing after a night of one too many cocktails. Forget the fact that we probably drove home very drunk the night before (maybe even in a blackout), putting our lives and the lives of others at risk, but then we walked inside and threw our keys who knows where. If it’s our car or ourselves that we’ve lost, then we have even bigger things to worry about. Let’s just say that it’s really nice to remember where our stuff is most of the time, and sobriety lets us do just that.
  3. You’ll remember what you said at the party the night before. Have you ever woken up after a wild night out with the sneaking suspicion you might have said something really stupid to someone? Maybe it was your crush, or maybe you bad-mouthed your bestie to a whole room full of mutual friends. Who knows. Well, you certainly don’t know if you were in a blackout. We do and say a lot of stupid sh*t when we’re drunk, particularly when we’re blacking out. We’re talkin’ lose your job, lose the guy, and lose your friends stupid. Yep, it happens to the best of us, and you know who it doesn’t happen to? Sober people. Reason number three why sobriety rules. 
  4. You’ll stay out of jail. Well, hopefully, unless you do something while sober that lands you in the slammer, but we have faith you can keep it together in recovery. It’s kind of how the deal works. Excessive drinking and using, however, has a funny way of leading us down some dark paths and sometimes straight into a jail cell. Whether it’s a serious drug related offense or we just drank a bit too much before getting behind the wheel and getting caught driving under the influence, being inebriated or high can lead to consequences. In recovery, on the other hand, this rarely happens and this is yet another benefit of staying on the straight and narrow. 
  5. You’ll feel (and actually be) healthier. Let’s face it, drinking isn’t very good for us. It messes with our brain chemistry, it’s taxing on the liver, and it can even increase the risk of certain cancers such as oral cancer. It also just makes us feel lousy the next day, not to mention being full of calories on its own and often leading to excessive late night pizza and burrito binges (all the benefits of yesterday’s hot pilates class down the toilet). Getting sober typically coincides with getting a lot healthier and at the end of the day, it just feels better. 
  6. You’ll save money! Whether you’re a top shelf vodka martini kinda drinker, a generic beer guzzler, a weed smoker, or a dope fiend, it all adds up in the end. Yes, our pocketbook definitely takes a beating when we drink or use. And all the money spent on a drug habit or drinking habit (or both) can climb high over time. But think of all the money you won’t spend if you get sober? We’re talking about money that can be spent on new shoes, or a new laptop, or even go toward college tuition, a new car, or a new house! There are countless possibilities, but most importantly, getting sober is a great way to save some serious coin.
  7. You’ll probably be a better friend. Serious drinkers and drug users tend to put themselves before their friends. Of course, this is a sweeping generalization, but very often true. If alcoholism or drug addiction are to blame for the serious drinking and using habit, then the alcohol or drugs tend to be a first priority. This means friendship (along with family things like responsibilities) are put on the back burner. A lot of friendships and family relationships wind up severely damaged when heavy drinking and using are present. Getting sober can save friendships before they become damaged or salvaged those already tarnished. And, in general, you’re just far more likely to be a nicer friend, day-by-day. 

While getting sober may not be for everyone, it certainly can’t hurt. And 99.9% of the time (if not 100%), it leads to significant life improvements. If you’re thinking about ditching the drugs or the booze but you’re still struggling to make up your mind, just consider the benefits. Sobriety may not be for the faint of heart, but it’s a pretty darn sweet deal once you get the hang of it. 

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