What Is The Price Bracket For Rehab That Treats Drug And Alcohol Addiction?

What Are The Immediate Needs?

How Much Should You Pay For Rehab?

Is That The Final Cost Of Rehabilitation?

Are Rehabs In Australia Cost-Effective?

How Much Does Rehab Cost Elsewhere?

How Much Does Alcohol And Drug Rehab Cost In Bali?

Comparison Of Cost Of Private Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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  1. I spoke to Debby Berry yesterday about admitting my daughter Ema Hassell 44 yrs , into your program fir alcoholism on Saturday 9thmarch , as we have NYPIE on the Monday , she arrives in Bali early am Saturday 9th from Australia . I live in Sanur . She can stay for 28 days , please contact , regard Linda Hassell 🙏

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