Making the decision to enter into treatment for drugs, alcohol, or other addictions and compulsions is a very courageous move. If you’re currently facing this very tough decision, please know that having the willingness alone is a brave first step. So, if you’ve made it this far, please give yourself a pat on the back…but do keep going! Trust us when we say that there are miracles that lie ahead on the recovery path for those who stick with it. 

Once this very courageous decision to enter into treatment has been made, the next step is to decide where to go. While it might be tempting to choose a facility close to home, have you ever considered traveling for treatment? 

Here are some key benefits that traveling for treatment can offer: 

It gives you a new perspective.

Traveling somewhere new for treatment provides a change in scenery which can help foster a change in mindset. If environmental factors played a role in your addictive behaviors, distancing yourself from home can be enormously beneficial. Maybe you have a circle of friends that you’re accustomed to getting high with. Perhaps you’ve historically gotten drunk or picked up other compulsive habits (i.e., compulsive extramarital sex) to deal with family issues. Maybe you associate getting drunk or high with the local party scene. Whatever the associations are, some time away can help you start a new sober life while giving you some time and distance from your old one. 

It broadens your options.

While getting treatment close to home might seem like the most convenient option, there may be better care overseas. All treatment centers are different and while you can find excellent treatment almost anywhere in the world, limiting yourself to your hometown means that you’re limiting your options. Every facility has different strengths. By allowing yourself the option to travel for treatment, you’re giving yourself access to a much wider pool of treatment centers. And, sure, you may find that the one right outside your door just so happens to be the best, but why not do your due diligence first and research treatment centers near and far? This gives you the best chance of success because you’ll find the ideal facility for you. 

You get to step outside of your comfort zone.

Regardless of how much traveling you’ve done, traveling sober is a new experience altogether. Getting away for treatment gives you a whole new worldview and new lifestyle, along with new skills and habits. Sure, you’re going away for treatment which might not feel very enticing or exotic, but you’re still stepping out of your comfort zone. You’re experiencing a new corner of the world without the veil of drugs or alcohol. Don’t underestimate the positive impact this can have on your psyche. Plus, it’s not like you’re not going to jail. Most treatment facilities abroad will provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore and do cool things. And, if they don’t advertise this, choose a different facility. 


While it’s not really anyone’s business or place to judge, telling people at work or friends that you’re going to rehab can sometimes have consequences. Leaving town minimizes the likelihood that people will learn about your story, particularly those you don’t want to know anything. While treatment counselors are obligated to protect your privacy regardless, going abroad can help ensure you won’t run into anyone you know. This helps you to protect your reputation or potential for gossip that can affect family members such as your spouse or children. 

It minimizes the risk of impulsive behavior.

Being close to home makes it easy to give up on your recovery program should you be that way inclined. Counseling and therapy in treatment can bring up uncomfortable emotions when you’re addressing things you’d prefer not to look at. Being far away makes it much harder for you to abandon ship. Uncomfortable feelings in treatment are usually only momentary, and distancing yourself from your home essentially forces you to push through these momentary feelings. And there’s a lot of good stuff on the other side of the discomfort. 

It limits enabling behavior from family and friends.

The people closest to you may want to help, but they could be unwittingly enabling you at the same time. Codependent relationships are common between addicts, friends, and family members. Whether they’re providing you with a place to stay, lending you money, paying off legal fees, or lying for you to others in order to excuse your bad behavior, this pattern can prevent you from moving forward. 

It gives you a chance for introspection.

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s just good to get away, particularly when there’s a major life change happening. Getting sober can provide the ideal excuse for you to go be on your own for a period of time while you get to know yourself sober and sans the influence of others. This kind of introspection enables you to understand yourself better while gaining insight into your feelings and behavior. This leads to better self-awareness and can help promote mental health while increasing happiness and enabling more self-compassion. 

Entering into treatment gives you a great reason to expand your horizons and step outside of your comfort zone. Leaving your immediate area can be a fantastic opportunity to access specialized care in a part of the world you’ve always wanted to visit. As long as you don’t have a very specific reason holding you back from spending some time away, traveling for rehab can be one of the most character-building and healthy choices you can make. 

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